Robert Evans


Robert has been a software developer since he was a young child, and wrote his first program at age nine. He was a Computer Science engineer at Worcester Polytechnic University in Massachusetts and the Development lead at Cybermax. During the dot-com boom, he architected and helped build some of the first versions of Fortune 500 company websites, including Home Depot and Warner Brothers. In 2000, Robert was hired by Microsoft full-time as a Software Development Engineer. He wrote code across a wide swath of products, including MSN, Hotmail, BizTalk, Windows Phone, .NET Framework, Xbox (Services), Mobile Engineering and large-scale internal MS applications and services. In 2012, Robert switched gears to become a Microsoft Field Engineer and in 2017 he was promoted to Principal Level engineer. He and his team went on to help thousands of customers adopt and improve the Windows developer ecosystem. Robert holds 11 current Microsoft Certifications, including both MCSA and MCSD. Robert has two main hobbies: practicing martial arts and searching for Bigfoot. In martial arts, he is a first degree black-belt in two traditional styles of Karate-do and he is currently working on his third.